How to Download Youtube Videos to Watch Offline?
February 9, 2022

How to Download Youtube Videos to Watch Offline?

We are constantly connected to the internet, yet there are times when we are travelling or stuck in regions where internet service is poor or non-existent. People need to be saved content to view on their phone or laptop in such instances, especially if there is some waiting involved. Downloading bits from your favourite sitcom or episodes you can watch over and over again for offline watching could be a wise choice.

YouTube videos are a great way to pass the time when you don’t have access to the internet, but what if you don’t have access to the internet? What is the best way to save YouTube videos to view later?

There are plenty of third-party solutions present for downloading YouTube videos. Easy Video Saver is the right online tool for this. It is a free online downloader tool that allows you to save YouTube videos to any device. It is the greatest and simplest online tool for everyone who wants to download an infinite number of YouTube videos in a high-quality format.

How to Download Videos from YouTube?

Choose a Video You Like

First, copy the URL of the video. Then open the free YouTube converter — Easy Video Saver

Copy the Link

Now copy and paste the file’s URL. You can choose the format to which the file should be converted from the drop-down menu below. You can select from a variety of audio and video formats here. Choose a YouTube video to mp4 for the video file. You can also adjust the video quality under “choose video quality.” and then select “download” from the drop-down menu.

Choose a Format and Download

You’ll receive a notification that your video is being edited. The length here may vary depending on the size and duration of the video.

To begin downloading, click “download this video.” you can either specify a location on your computer to save the movie or look for it in your downloads.

The inserted URL will be automatically analysed by an Easy Video Saver. After that, you’ll be given download alternatives. You can change both the format and the quality.

If you like, you may also download subtitles. Change the settings to meet your requirements.

Download YouTube Videos for FREE

EaEasy Video Saver – the best YouTube downloader since it offers a free service and allows you to download all videos from a YouTube playlist or channel with a single click utilising the “free YouTube download” function.

You may embed YouTube videos on other websites and add new URLs as you download. You can also store YouTube videos, view their download history, and search for titles within your downloaded videos. It also makes determining the quality and type of films on YouTube much easier.

So, start downloading YouTube videos with an Easy Video Saver now & enjoy your favourite YouTube videos.

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