How to Download a Video from Facebook to Computer?
February 9, 2022

How to Download a Video from Facebook to Computer?

You do know that Facebook is the most popular social media platform? And there’s a perfectly rational reason for this: there are virtually endless chances for entertainment, education, company development, and attracting new audiences, as well as simply making new friends from all over the world.

Imagine how much stuff – Facebook videos, photographs, live broadcasts, and so on – are available to be inspired, motivated, entertained, or educated! It would be ideal if Facebook videos could be saved offline so that you could watch them in your leisure time without having to return to the network. It’s considerably easier to download images from Facebook but storing Facebook videos is more difficult.

We know a method around the lack of Facebook video download capabilities on the platform. What is the best way to download a video from Facebook? Easy Video Saver is the most user-friendly video downloader available.

It’s an online video downloader tool that allows you to save videos from Facebook to any device. It allows you to download videos from Facebook and store them on your pc, iPhone, Android, or Mac. With this video downloader, you may save live streams, videos, and other FB media assets.

Easy Video Saver does a good job not just of assisting you in downloading an unlimited amount of Facebook videos, but also of making the entire procedure painless and simple.

How to Download a Video from Facebook?

  • Find Facebook videos you desire to save to a pc folder or phone gallery.
  • Press “the dotted line” on the top right of the media content and then “copy link” to get the URL on the clipboard.
  • Visit the Easy Video Saver page and insert the URL into a search entry field.
  • Hit the “download” button to launch the saving process
  • As soon as the video is downloaded, it appears in your phone’s gallery or on your computer system.

You do not need to install any software or applications on your computer or mobile device to use the tool. All that is required is the URL to the video you wish to download, and we will handle the rest on our end, leaving you with simply one click to save the files to your device. The tool is always accessible over the internet and can be used at any time with no constraints or limitations. You also do not need to create an account on our website to begin using it.

So, start downloading Facebook videos with an Easy Video Saver now & enjoy your favorite Facebook videos offline too.

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