How to Download a Video from Instagram?
February 9, 2022

How to Download a Video from Instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app that presently boasts 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram has unquestionably become one of the most popular video and photo-sharing services in a fraction of the time many predicted.

Now fast forward to 2021, and it’s tough to picture a world without Instagram. This photo and video-sharing website has exploded onto the social media scene. A great number of Instagram downloaders have been released as a result of the growing popularity of Instagram.

Thankfully, you won’t have to waste time seeking the right tool to download Instagram videos any longer. In this article, we’ll show you how to download Instagram videos using the best free video downloader.

If you try to download a photo or video from a user whose profile is set to private, it will not work. Our service can only access public accounts; there is no method to circumvent Instagram’s privacy settings at this time.

Easy Video Saver is simple to use and will allow you to download photos or videos in a matter of minutes. The tool provides detailed video information, such as video size and format, to assist you in downloading the movie with the proper settings. It also has no limitations in terms of compatibility. You can use the tool to download content from anywhere in the world to whatever device you like. In addition, the download procedure is straightforward.

How to Download an Instagram Video?

If you truly want to save an Instagram video clip, you should utilize an Easy Video Saver – the best Instagram video downloader that works effectively online. To download Instagram videos to your device, follow the steps below –

  • Go to
  • Find the video that you want to download.
  • Go to the Instagram video post.
  • Copy the video URL.

If you’re using the Instagram app, tap the three-dotted lines on the right side of the video and select COPY URL.

If you’re using a browser, go to the movie you wish to download >> Copy the URL from the browser’s address bar.

  • Go back to the Easy Video Saver online web tool and paste your download link to the field above then click on the Download button.
  • As soon as the video is downloaded, it appears in your phone’s gallery or on your computer.

Isn’t It an Easy Process?

So, start downloading Instagram videos with Easy Video Saver today & enjoy your favorite videos offline or you can also share them with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Happy reading!

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